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Mibet (Xiamen) New Energy Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 with the insight into future development of solar energy popularization around the world. Mibet Energy provides patented, high-quality and cost-effective solar energy products, especially solar photovoltaic (PV) mounting systems for commercial, residential and utility-scale solar PV projects.Based on a professional and experienced R&D team, Mibet Energy has developed a series of solar mounting systems for various ground and roof conditions and has got a number of international certifications, e.g. 


  • MRac Ground Terrace IV
    GT IV is a ground solar racking for middle-large solar PV projects. Besides being pre-assembled before shipping, GT IV will realize minor adjustment of height of and interval between supports to adapt to different ground conditions....

    • GT IV supports will be fully pre-assembled before shipping, which saves substantial installation time on site:
    • The adjustable anchor plates help to adjust the position of supports, especially when installed on concrete columns or ground screws;
    • If combiner boxes, inverters or back side supports are needed to be fastened to GT IV, they could be installed directly on supports by T bolts without drilling on site;
    • The square tubes are conductive to improving the stability.
  • MRac Carport System
    MRac Carport racking supports low cost qualified solar racking while providing a shelter for vehicles. The optimized design maintains high structural strength and makes the installation quicker and free from cutting or welding on site....

    • Quick and easy to install;
    • Customized for various installation conditions;
    • Compatible with most module types on the market;
    • Corrosion-resistant components, strict quality control, optimized structural design.
  • MRac Ground Screws
    MRac Ground Screws are specially developed for solar racking. MRac Ground Screw series includes various types of ground screws which fit into different soil conditions. MRac Ground Screws could also be customized....

    • Premium Quality

    The surface of ground screws is hot-dip galvanized which guarantees excellent corrosion resistance and a longer service life;

    • Innovative Structural Design

    The innovative structural design contributes to high compression resistance and uplift resistance;

    • Quick Installation

    By adopting ground screws, other than concrete bases, piling each ground screw takes about 2 minutes by large pile driver, which saves substantial time and labor cost.

    • Environment-Friendly Solution

    Compared with concrete base solution, adopting ground screws will not cause any waste soil, and moreover, the used steel and aluminum material can still recycle.

  • MRac Combiner box
    MRac Combiner Box can be flexibly customized to fit various modes of photovoltaic power plants. Its protection level is as high as IP65. It not only has an attractive outlook but also a clear inner circuit structure. ...

  • 1.  MRac Combiner Box's circuits combining function

    2.  MRac Combiner Box's thunder-proof function

    3.  MRac Combiner Box monitors current and voltage of each stream

    4.  MRac Combiner Box monitors its own temperature and humidity

    5.  MRac Combiner Box's real-time alarm function

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